The Dissemination section is dedicated to a series of channels that have a dual function: on the one hand, exploring all those cultural areas in which the heart represents an icon, that is a very important element. On the other, we have the ambition to reach an audience that is not necessarily academic, but curious and interested in science and research in its historical, biological, didactic fields.

Here you can access the following sections:

Video: iHeart project researchers explain how heart and mathematics have a lot in common. The members of our team clarify how the different components of the heart- electrics, fluid dynamics, mechanics and electrochemistry- can be explained through complex mathematical equations.

Glossary: a special dictionary, where we take stock of the terms used in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery, defining not only the different components of the heart, but also synthetically explaining the various diseases that afflict our biological motor.

Animal beating: the rich variety of living forms on the planet is the result of evolution, which has contributed to shaping animal physiology in relation to the characteristics of the environment and the needs of the different species. Life is expressed in an incredible variety of forms and characteristics, which are also reflected in different cardiovascular systems and circulatory systems. How is the heart of an octopus? Do all animals have a heart? How does the heart of an underwater animal change compared to that of one that live on land? How does an animal’s heart adapt to extreme temperatures? Follow us and we will explore a world full of amazing biodiversity.

Heart Heroes: iHeart inherits the knowledge of researchers, writers, men and women who in the past centuries have started studying the heart and have further enriched the wealth of knowledge we now have on our biological engine. It is also thanks to the knowledge they have developed that today our researchers can work on iHeart. In this section, let’s get to know the life stories of these “Heart heroes” and the important contribution they have made to scientific knowledge.

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